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Distinctive Women of Hawaii Distinctive Women of Hawaii Distinctive Women of Hawaii Distinctive Women of Hawaii Distinctive Women of Hawaii

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About Us:

The program idea for the Distinctive Women in Hawaiian History developed after attending a Bishop Museum Teachers Workshop on January 13, 2007. During the workshop's final discussion, it was evident from all gathered, that O'ahu lacked an annual history forum to highlight recent scholarship on women of Hawai'i. The 1st Annual program was developed in three months and debuted April 28, 2007 at the Mission Memorial Auditorium, Honolulu Civic Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

The program serves as an important forum for these under-examined histories and also as a bridge between academia and public history. It's become a conduit and catalyst to lifelong learning by providing scholars, students, and cultural practitioners the ability to share their research and engage the community on distinctive women in Hawai'i. No one academic discipline or institution dominates the telling of Hawaiian history - we acknowledge and showcase the multitude of organizations that contribute to that body of knowledge and their exploration of the stories of our female ancestors.

Welcome to our Distinctive Women in Hawaiian History.

We thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to women of Hawai‘i. We embrace the legacy of activists, thinkers, strivers, and dreamers. Their stories permit us to indulge in dreams for our taking.

Our stories reveal complex eras from the perspective of women who transformed their communities and families using a combination of personal sacrifice, remarkable resiliency, and unabashed joy and freedom found in moving beyond the status quo. These public programs help build understanding of historical events which have largely ignored the voices of women from the official historical record. They explore women's more intimate realms such as the history of our immediate families, communities, and social networks.

We are proud to have brought a quality program, with top-notch presenters, since 2007. We strongly believe that the little-known stories of Hawai‘i's distinctive women need to be told and shared. Be a part of our new 2018 programming year by joining us as a volunteer, financial contributor, program resource person, or by partnering your organization with our efforts.

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Mahalo nui loa,
Jamie Conway
Director and Founder, Distinctive Women in Hawaiian History